Are product user-guides a history now?

Who taught us how to use facebook? In fact, who taught our parents on how to use facebook? Where is the user-guide on how to search on google?

Your customers who use facebook and google almost daily – will they hate reading long cumbersome help text? Do you like searching on product’s website when you can not figure out how to accomplish the task you are trying to do? How often do you quit watching a 10 minute long video on how to use a product?

TechFerry has worked and improved usability of many software products for many of our clients. In the process, we learned a lot about common mistakes, generated ideas on how to improve usability and implemented those for our clients. If you are interested, you can download our FREE eBook on Usability – Beyond RIA which captures specific examples for usability improvement from the industry.

  Usability - Beyond RIA Usability – Beyond RIA

Usability, though a frequently used term but is the least understood in the industry. This report highlights how a magnificently designed product/solution can still make users struggle to achieve even the simple desired objectives.This report is NOT an academic study, rather it share experiences on Usability with examples and implementations from software industry. It talks about gaps between user expectations and their actual interactions with products.

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